Adopt Muslim Sharia for a Better Life

Islam has taught Muslims a complete way to live a prosperous life. The rules and regulations set by Islam report back to the era where Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) instructed how to implement these laws. Muslim Sharia is known as the Islamic law and legal system through which matters of everyday life are resolved. These laws were not given all at the same time but with the passage pf time and keeping the current period, these laws were brought down to this earth. The main source of Islamic laws is the Holy Quran.15The Quran mentions the Islamic rules and principles according to Allah’s will, which are collectively known as Muslim Sharia. All the laws and guidelines are mentioned in this glorious book and it is a complete code of life for Muslims to follow. The book mentions all laws which are needed for the Muslims to lead a life of justice and truth. If laws are implemented according to the laws stated in the Quran then there would be a fair society for all. There would be no injustice and no one would be above the law. The laws stated are related to politics, economics, marriage and divorce, inheritance, society issues and other everyday life problems. It covers almost all aspects of life.


The Quran has defined those laws but the Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) has told his nation how to implement those laws. There are very clear instructions on how to carry out those laws which would form the foundation of the Islamic state. The Hadith tells us the whole procedure and process as to how and when these laws are to be imposed. If Muslims do not find a clear idea on a particular matter then there is always an option of going through a consensus. A consensus is carried out when the Quran and the Hadith do not have very clear idea about certain issues then the Islamic scholars would come up to a conclusion after analysing different aspects.


Muslim Sharia is also divided into five main categories which forms the base of the Islamic state. The first pillar of Islam is the most important concept of Islam known as the Tauheed or Oneness of Allah. Every Muslim should believe in the concept of God that there is no God except Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the last Messenger of Allah. This whole concept forms the foundation on which the building of Islam rests. The other pillars are the acts of a Muslim as Allah as stated like the prayer, fasting, charity and pilgrimage.

Muslim Sharia Council is an advisory service which provides essential guidelines and principles to all the Muslims living in UK. If there is any confusion or ambiguity related to any Islamic belief then highly qualified scholars would give the guidelines in the light of Quran and Hadith. For all Muslims living in the UK should take advantage of this opportunity to seek help from renowned scholars who have a vast sea of knowledge  and would help their fellow Muslims in every aspect of life.

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