Muslim Sharia Law Actually Meaning

There exist numerous interpretations of Shariah laws which are explained by different Mullahs. The interpretations of Shariah can be different but the main essence of it remains the same. Marriage and divorce is well explained in Shariah according to which certain ‘Hadood’ are laid upon the couple which are to be followed in order to lea a true and orderly marriage life.Muslim Sharia law for the non-muslim

It the Hadoods are not followed then the particular person is subjected to punishment according his breach. Shariah also explains about the actions which are considered to be superfluous and fall under criminal activity. Every criminal activity is subjected to certain punishment and the level of punishment is defined by the level of criminal activity performed by the person following Shariah.

Women Rights in Muslim Sharia

Moreover Muslim Shariah also explains about the political dealing and proceedings. Lately there has been a debate over comparison between Shariah and Secularism. There has also been a conflict of thought between different schools of thought regarding Shariah Vs Democracy. According to one school of thought, Democracy is a political concept purely evolved by west and is based in the western system.

Muslim Sharia for Women

Whereas the Islamic school of thought argues that democracy has been evolved out of the teachings of Quran and is a part of Muslim Shariah as Quran laid huge importance on the equality of rights and mutual consent while choosing the ruler or emperor. Some Islamic scholars also say that the Shariah can be best practiced through secular government

Explanation of muslim sharia law

There has been a movement according to which it has been taken into account whether to enforce the teachings and prescription of Muslim Shariah into the West too as Shariah defines complete and ideal rules regarding marriage, divorce, custody, politics related dealings, equal rights and every aspect of life. There are various Muslim countries which follows Muslim Shariah to govern the legal code inside their country. The Islamic Shariah is continued to spread in many counties now because the West has started realizing about the real payback of implementing and following Shariah rules and regulations.

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