Muslim sharia relationship between humanity and religion

Muslim Shariah is the Islamic name for the rules and laws which govern Islam. All the sayings,actions and dealings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the teachings told in the Holy book Quran are  included in Shariah. Shariah is a complete code of conduct and set of instructions which are bestowed upon the Muslims in order to lead them to a meaningful and successful life.

Islamic society and muslims sharia law

Shariah covers a wide sort of issues which anyone can face while living a standard life. It includes laws related to public and private issues, political and economical issues, family issues and even the tiniest of dealings which take place in a society.

Muslim sharia law in america

The Prophet (PBUH) is considered to be the most virtuous believer among Muslims and he being the most precious messenger of Allah became an example on how to spend life. His teachings, actions and sayings were written by the scholars which is called the Hadith.

Marriage under muslim sharia law


The hadith from different scholars then combined and developed to form a complete book. Muslim Shariah has been derived from Hadith which is a mirror of how Prophet (PBUH) led his life and dealt with each and every issue pertaining in the community.

muslim sharia council in non muslim countries

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