Muslim Sharia: True Embodiment of Justice

Muslim ShariaWe perform our tasks according to a set of instructions. It is necessary to wash our hands before eating or drinking. The schools and colleges are the places where we are sent to seek education. To add up, we use the plus sign. For division, we use different procedures. So, we have to implement a certain set of laws to perform the tasks. Then there must be a way to live our lives too. Islam is a divine religion which is based on the basic rule of equality. It encourages us to live our lives according to a set of laws, which makes it a complete guide.

Muslim Sharia is that part of Islam which deals with the law making in every walk of life. We need guidance in every aspect; social, financial, economical, judicial, etiquettes, educational, marital and peace enhancing matters as well. The foundation of the guidelines for these matters lies in the Holy book Quran.

Muslim Sharia

Quran was revealed to Muhammad. It has anecdotes of the Prophets who came before Muhammad and special chapters dealing with the founding principles of an ideal society. The content of the book will remain same till the end of time which is a miracle itself. The second source is Sunnah, which refers to the sayings of Muhammad. Almost every issue has been answered by both of these sources which are known as the primary sources of sharia.

The secondary sources of Muslim Sharia are Ijma and Qiyaas. Ijma is an Arabic word whose meaning is a joint consensus. Qiyaas is based on analogical reasoning. Muslim scholars are encouraged to make decisions according to the secondary sources. They use the primary sources as base and discard any decision which goes against them.

Equality is a virtue, as observed in world today. There is a lack of common understanding among the people on the earth. The rights of the people can be governed easily under Muslim Sharia. It promotes equality and justices for everyone. Before Islam, the concept of slavery had ruined the lives of the poor. During wars the captives were treated very badly. According to sharia, even they have rights to seek education. It is the duty of the state to provide basic life amenities to them. Their women, elders and children should never be harmed. This is equality and justices, and it describes the beauty of Muslim laws perfectly.

Brotherhood, tolerance and caring for the fellows form the basis of Muslim social laws. The poor are never looked down upon. The labor should be paid for his work before his sweat dries. If anyone scolds a Muslim, he should be tolerated and then told in soft tone to speak politely. The womenfolk is respected and taken care of as a precious being. They inherit from the property of their parents and a share is devised according to sharia as well. The widows have right to remarry. Children are loved and nourished by their parents.

Muslim Sharia devises a complete lifestyle which is void of any injustice. The non-Muslims are also respected and they are encouraged to play a vital role in the development of the state.

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