Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was the Best Human Being to walk on this Earth

Islamic ShariaThe world has seen the best human being in the form of Prophet Muhammed (SAW). He was a true believer and Messenger of Allah who was an inspiration for the whole world. He came at a time when the whole of Arabia was trapped into darkness. There was no hope around and no one was willing to help each other.

Islamic Sharia

He came as a true blessing for everyone and to give them their rights. A rule of law was given which clearly stated the law and order situation in the country. There was hope given to the oppressed and their lives made much easier. Women and slaves were relived as for the very first time they got their rights.

Islamic Sharia Law

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) led by an example. He was the most influential person of the world. He was a great leader who took charge of a number of battles with the enemies and stood out victorious. His leadership qualities have always been very inspiring and he made sure that his followers were protected under him.

Islamic Law

He used to draft strategic plans for his wars which proved to be fruitful. He taught the importance of being the leader and setting a good example for everyone. It has been reported by Abdullah bin Umar (RA) that Muhammed (SAW) once said:

“All of you are shepherds and each of you is responsible for his flock. An Imam is a shepherd and he is responsible for those in his care. A man is a shepherd in respect of his family and is responsible for those in his care. The woman is a shepherd in respect of her husband’s house and is responsible for what is in her care. The servant is a shepherd in respect of his master’s property and is responsible for what is in his care. All of you are shepherds and each of you is responsible for his flock.”

Islamic Sharia

This clearly states that a shepherd here means a leader and only a leader has the ability to influence people in a good way. In the above saying, Muhammed(SAW) made every individual a leader in his own way. He emphasized on the great importance of having leadership skills. He was thrown out of Makkah, a land he was born and raised in. He went back with 10,000 followers and became the ruler. This empire stretched from Morocco till China and today 1.3 billion Muslims follow his beliefs. This is how a true leader inspire others to make their lives meaningful.

Muslim Sharia

A true inspiration for the whole world changed the dynamics of this world by strategic plans. His words have always contained wisdom in them and were very precious. He believed in his cause and never gave up. He made Islam the most popular religion and made sure that the Message of Allah was spread extensively.

Islamic Sharia Teachings

He led many wars in his life and stood successful which totally justifies the leadership qualities he had. A true leader always leads from the front and holds the ship together. There would not be such a great leader as Muhammed (SAW). He was the best example for mankind in terms of being a true and brave leader.

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