The Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW): Savior of Humanity

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) has been sent to this world as a blessing. He was the most perfect person anyone can ever find. In other words, he was a perfect human being whose footsteps should be followed by everyone in order to lead a prosperous life. He spread the message of Islam which truly means to submit your will to Allah. If a Muslim believes that Allah is the only God and last Messenger of Allah is Muhammed (SAW) then he is a true believer. Muhammed (SAW) didn’t come just for Muslims, he came for whole humanity.muslim sharia

Islam is not just restricted to a single group of people but it is for everyone. Islam believes in the principles of peace and tranquility. Quran rightly states:

“Whosoever killed a person, it would be as if he had killed the whole humanity.” (5:33)

Islamic Sharia

From this verse, we can surely understand how much Islam is against killing humans. Muhammed (SAW) taught the teachings of Islam and demonstrated whatever Quran told him to. He was of the same opinion that killing humans unnecessarily means that the person is committing sin. He brought the message of peace which should be spread in the whole world.

Islamic Sharia

Muhammed(SAW) was a very gentle and kind person. He told the Muslims that every person has rights over the other. Similarly, non Muslims have rights too. It is not permitted to kill non Muslims or treat them badly. A Muslim would be the one who respects the Non Muslim and respects his worship places. It is also not permitted to destroy worship areas of non Muslims. Muhammed (SAW) taught the lesson of patience to the Muslims. He asked his followers to be patient and tolerant towards every person. He never urged any Muslim to misbehave with a non Muslim just because he is not a Muslim.

Islamic Sharia Law

He insisted on being kind and gentle towards everyone. He greeted everyone with a smile and never turned his head away when he saw a non Muslim. He emphasized that a Muslim would be recognized by the gentle behavior he has for others. If a Muslim is not gentle and kind towards anyone, he doesn’t qualify for a true Muslim. He was the greatest humanitarian ever existed in the face of this earth. He helped the poor and the needy and asked the rich to help the poor. He always wanted to see peace and harmony in the world by promoting kindness and affection towards each other.

Islamic Sharia Law

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