The Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has been sent on this earth as a blessing for mankind. He changed the dynamics of the world and followed a system which is the best and lasts forever. The system is known as Islam and the principles laid by this system are meant to last forever. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) came at a time when no one knew the rights of each other. Women were treated harshly so were the slaves. Daughters were buried alive and there was no word as mercy known to the Arabs. In other words, it would not be wrong to say that the clouds of darkness were spread and there was no ray of hope.Islamic Sharia

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) came as a ray of hope for the whole of Arabia and the world. The clouds of darkness went away and a ray of light emerged to enlighten the vision of mankind. As it is rightly said in the Quran:

You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah an excellent example for him who hopes in Allah and the Last Day, and who remembers Allah much.               (33:21)

This verse clearly shows that everyone should follow the teachings of Islam and whatever Prophet Muhammed (SAW) did. He practiced the laws of Islam and urged every Muslim to follow him.

He was the most merciful human being the world has seen. He showed mercy to everyone including his enemies. Hire enemies tortured him to such an extent that he had to migrate to Medina. When he conquered Makkah, he forgave all of them.

Muslim Sharia

He was a great leader too who led several battles with the enemies. In some of them, the Muslims were few in number and logically could not compete but Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had great leadership qualities and faith in Allah that they won those battles. The most famous battle is that of Badr. Muslims were only 313 as compared to the enemies who were 1000. It was nearly impossible to defeat them but the vigor of the greatest Prophet (SAW) won that battle.

Islamic Sharia Law

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the perfect husband, a loving father and a loyal friend. He treated all his relations with love and affection. He used to stand up when his beloved daughter Fatimah (RA) used to visit him. This was the kind of respect he gave to everyone. He used to get first and had a smile on his face.

He was the perfect example of good mannerisms. He used to wash his hands before having a meal and never criticized any meal. If he liked it, he would eat and if he didn’t like it, he would leave it. His wives never complained about anything. They used to praise him in every aspect. His youngest wife Aisha (RA) used to tell how good he was and what he used to do in the light of Islam. He was the perfect person for humanity. He treated his slaves well and never abused them.

Islamic Sharia Law

If Prophet Muhammad (SAW)‘s life can be summarized in one sentence, it was simply according to the teachings of Islam and Islam is the perfect religion.

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