Advantages of Muslim Sharia Council

The Islamic Sharia Council, also known as Muslim Sharia Council, is an advisory established in the United Kingdom to help Muslims living there in solving their matrimonial issues regarding divorce, separation, financial matters, and problems related to inheritance right according to the teachings of the family law in Islam. All four schools of Islamic legal thought have been considered in the formation of this authoritative body so that people following a specific school of thought get their problems solved according to their own Mad’hab and Aqeedah.

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Some of the concepts for which people seek help from the Muftis or the ones who are qualified to give a Fatwa on a particular subject include; abortion, validity of Nikah, difference between verbal and written divorce, insurance, inheritance, and Halaal food and medicines. Islamic Sharia Council covers all these matters in addition to some basic rulings on fasting in the month of Ramadan, the obligatory five prayers, and the importance of Zakat and Hajj (pilgrimage). Since many Muslim kids are born and raised in the United Kingdom, they need a special Islamic facility to learn even the basics of their religion.


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