Basics of Seerat Un Nabi (PBUH)

Muslim ShariaIt is in the nature of any living human being to search for the true meaning of life. We are living our lives for a specific purpose. Those people are lucky who understand this concept in time. Most of the humans are not fortunate enough to reach their destinations. Islam is a complete code of conduct for every person living in this world. It was presented to us by a large number of messengers from Allah Almighty.

The total number of messengers sent to the world is about 1 lac and forty thousand as mentioned in the Holy Quran. Each one of them was sent to teach the Muslim Sharia and preach Islam to the humans. They were normal people with an exceptional divine knowledge. They have pure hearts and innocent souls without any negativity. The first Prophet was Hazrat Adam and the last one is our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is Muhammad whose name forms the basis of our faith as the first kalima.

Muslim Sharia

Seerat is an Arabic word which corresponds to nature or attributes. Seerat Un Nabi (PBUH) means the qualities and habits of our dear Prophet Muhammad. He is the perfect creation of Allah Almighty and no one can ever come near to his high morals. The words fell short when he is to be praised. He is an epitome of honesty, piety, innocence, judgment, mercy, love, and every positive quality that we can think of. His life is full of anecdotes and happenings which are told to us by authentic sources.

Muslim Sharia

He was raised as an orphan by his grandfather and later by his paternal uncle. He belonged to the famous and esteemed tribe of Quraish. The first ever revelation was sent to him when he was around 40 years of age. It was his routine to pray alone in a cave and there the archangel Gabriel came with the first revelation. He was told to spread Islam after that.

When Muhammad started to preach Islam to the Arabs they tried their level best to discourage him in every possible way. Even they attempted to kill him while he was sleeping. Still no one ever complained about his honesty and truthfulness. After conquering the city of Mecca, it was him who forgave every idol worshipper despite of their negative role-play before that. He ensured that the war captives were given the basic human rights. Equality and justice were at their peak in the society during his reign.

Muslim Sharia

Seerat un Nabi (PBUH) portrays the perfect picture of a true Islamic society. The Sharia Law was implemented in its ideal form. Everyone was considered equal before the law and their due rights were given accordingly. The children and women were given respect. The non-muslims were never discouraged from practicing their religions. Muhammad ensured that a feeling of tolerance and brotherhood was present among the individuals, which is essential for the development of a society. We have not seen an administrator like him who said that even if his daughter commits a crime, she will receive the punishment as per Muslim Sharia like any criminal would get.

If any person wants to live his/her life as a true Muslim, the best way is to understand the depth of Seerat un Nabi (PBUH).

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