Benefits of Islamic Sharia Law

Benefits of Implementing Shariah Law in Muslim Society

Shariah Law, also known as Islamic Law, has number of advantages as compared to other man made law or judicial systems. However, for us to completely understand these benefits, it only makes sense to understand the sources of this on which these laws are based on.

Benefits of Islamic Sharia Law
They are basically four sources of Shariah Law; Quran (word of Allah and cannot be altered in any case), Sunnah (traditions and actions of Prophet SAW), Ijma (mutual consent of learned and trusted Islam scholars) and Qiyas (analogical reasoning of an individual).  Quran and Sunnah are the primary sources and if some matter cannot be resolved in light of these sources than Ijma and Qiyas can be applied to this matter.

Benefits of Islamic Sharia Law

One of the basic benefits of an Islamic Sharia State is the responsibility assigned to the state, making sure that their subjects are properly looked after. Human beings have various basic needs and Islamic state is to fulfill needs of their population wherever required.
Islamic state is not a collector of taxes and is not suppose to implement various taxes and fees. Furthermore, every able Muslim has this responsibility to give away charity (Zakat) every year. This charity can be utilized by Islamic state wherever it sees fit.

Furthermore, the strict laws in Islam for committing crimes such as theft, rape, murder etc will not only result in lower crime rate but will also provide much needed sense of security. In addition, Shariah Law prohibits bringing harm to any non Muslim living in an Islamic state if they are paying Jizya (tax). This tax not only ensures their safety and protection but also bounds Islamic state to provide all the basic necessities to these non-muslims.

Benfit islamic sharia law in iislam

There have been various instances in Islamic history where a Muslim ruler has been taken in front of a judge by common man.
Shariah Law is just and treats everyone on equal basis since this is the law of God and not man-made. Everyone is born equal and Islamic laws apply to everyone even ruler of Islamic State. These are some of the benefit of implementing Shariah Law.

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