Fundamental Human Rights under Sharia Law

Muslim Sharia comprises of two major sections in order to implement justice in the Muslim society. The two sections are The Quran and Hadith of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).


The Quran is the fundamental guide which tells us how we need to follow rules and instructions in order to sustain justice. Some issues may not be addressed in detail in the Quran and the Hadith then Ijtihad is carried out by Muslim scholars to agree upon a decision.


Whatever is decided in Ijtihad, it should always be in the light of the Quran and Hadith. Islam has captured the true spirit of humanity.


Human-Rights-Under-Muslim-ShariaThe whole religion is based on righteousness and it would come from obeying Allah and following His Messenger and being kind to the whole humanity.


Human rights under Sharia Law can be divided into two categories. One is dignity and the other is equality. Dignity is the right of every human being irrespective of caste, color or creed. Every human being is dignified and nobody has a right to abuse any other human being. It is clearly stated in the Quran:


“We have honored the children of Adam and carried them by land and sea; We have provided good sustenance for them and favored them specially above many of those We have created” (17:70).


Equality is the second most important factor which determines the rights of human beings. All human beings are created equal and they have equal rights. It is clearly said in the Quran that an Arab is not superior to a non-Arab and white person is not superior to a black person.


There is no concept of caste, color or creed in Islam. Islam judges people based on good deeds only. A rich man cannot be treated well as compared to a poor man.

When Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) brought the message of Allah to the human race, he strictly forbade all evil practices prevailing in the society. He prohibited the heinous crime of burying daughters alive which was a common practice among Arabs. He gave honor and dignity to women.


He clearly told the people that women are equal and they should be treated well. In human rights under Sharia law, women have a right to hold possession of a property, participate in business affairs, have a right to get education and have share in inheritance. Islam firmly believes in equality of all human beings and nobody is superior to anyone but the best among all is the one who is best in righteous deeds.


Islamic law as described in Muslim Sharia provides justice in the form of dignity and equality. If dignity and equality are given to all human beings then there would be no unfair treatment.


The poor people have been given their due rights in the form of Zakat. It is the duty of all rich Muslims to give part of their wealth in Zakat to help their poor Muslim brothers. If this system prevails, not a single person would be without clothes, food and shelter.

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