Introduction to Muslim Sharia

The religious concept of Islam related to the legal laws and regulations is based upon Muslim Shariah. These laws and regulations have been told in the Holy book Quran and by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). These laws and regulations are the expression and orders of Allah Almighty to live in a society and spend an ideal life.

What is the Muslim Sharia Law

Muslim Shariah includes certain set of responsibilities and duties which every Muslim is obliged to follow and act upon. Acting upon according to the Muslim Shariah is the part of religious belief because following the Shariah means following and accepting the saying and actions of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Holy Quran. Shariah is the divine code of behavior and the path that depicts the practical implication of Muslims towards their religion.

Parents rights In Muslim Sharia
The Shariah law has gone through a lot of developments and evolvements but the literature which has finally being followed includes established textual power of the Muslim Shariah. The Shariah Law includes a wide range of principles being told which are related to individuals and as well as the society on whole. It not only elaborated the laws regarding the relationship of nay individual with his family and peers but also with his neighbors and the state on whole.

Muslim Sharia Law definition

The Shariah Law states the rights and duties of each individual which he is obliged to follow. An example of the saying in Shariah regarding the rights of neighbor’s states that a Muslim is not allowed talking in high volume so that his neighbors might not get disturbed. A strong importance regarding the rights of neighbors has been highlighted in Shariah.

Non-Muslim Rights in Islamic Sharia

The legal implications being told in Islamic Shariah are the code of conducts which should be followed by every Muslim. There are certain standards which are set in Islamic Shariah according to which certain acts are considered praiseworthy and the one who moves on the path following those standards is promised to achieve highest levels in world as well as heavens. Contrary to that, the person who does not follow is doomed in the both places and is disfavored. The Muslim Shariah is not only the book of laws but it is a layout of behavior displayed for the Muslims to be adopted with individuals and the society on whole.

Teachings of Muslim Sharia
The major highlighted categories of conduct in Muslim Shariah include all the practices related to the pilgrimage, offering daily prayer and about the instructions for observing fast in Ramadan. There are particular obligations imposed n every Muslim regarding each of these which are compulsory to be followed in order to achieve the will of Almighty Allah. Islamic Shariah also defines what is considered to be wrong in the eyes of Islamic law and what act is considered to be right.

Women's Rights Under Muslim Sharia

The punishments of wrong acts are deliberately explained in detail to assure facilitation in following the Shariah law on its whole. The laws and rules of Islamic Shariah are the perfect commandments to ensure life according to the preaching of Quran and Sunnah.

Mother Rights in Islamic Sharia

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