Islam is a Complete Code of Life

When a non-Muslim thinks of Islam, unfortunately what comes to his mind is terrorism. One being a Muslim, living for a number of years in a Muslim community where the real meaning of Islam is though not practiced but the teachings and history of Islam are being taught and made understood in schools, understands the religion with its true values.Islamic Sharia for All mankind
Islam is not only about praying five times a day, fasting for one whole month, performing Hajj and Umrah or paying Zakat to purify your assets; Islam is a complete code of life. By this, it does not mean that these basic pillars of Islam have little significance in the life of the Muslims. Each of these basic pillars of Islam in its own way is very important and fruitful not only for the individuals but also for the whole community.

Muslim Sharia in Holly Quran
When one looks deeper, it becomes crystal clear that Islam not only teaches Muslims about equality among themselves, to stay away from sinful deeds, and to offer prayers and performing Hajj, it has a lot more attached to it. Islam is a complete code of life following which one can spend his life and be successful in this materialistic world and in the life hereafter.

Muslim Sharia Justification
Islam preaches to its followers how they should deal in their trades, in their political clashes, in family issues regarding property, in dealing with non-Muslims, and in other social and cultural issues.

Muslim Sharia Muhammad (PBUH) In Islam, Allah teaches Muslims that they should not use Ribaa in their financial dealings. Ribaa is the money which his given to the person as a profit over loan that he extends to another person.

Muslim Sharia law based on humility

This financial system is in practice these days in the banking system of the world. Similarly, there are many other implications of Islam in the life of Muslims, which will be beneficial not only to them but also contribute to the prosperity of the Muslims on the whole.

Muslim Sharia Women
Unfortunately among the fifty plus Muslims majority countries in the world today, not even a single country is an ideal Islamic country. The concept of Islamic caliphate is nowhere to be seen. The Islamic state established about 1400 years ago lead by the last prophet of Islam Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has been the model Islamic society over the years for the Islamic rulers.

Muslim Sharia For Non Muslim Rights
The four companions to follow after the Prophet Mohammed namely Abubakar, Omer Farooq, Usman and Ali did establish the Islamic society very close to its original meanings and values. After that the Abbasiad caliphate and the Rashidoon caliphate 100 -200 years from the time of the last prophet were considered to be the last of Islamic state with its true essence. May Allah (SWT) give the strength in our faith and guide us and our leaders to the right path.

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