Islam Mean and Law of Muslim Sharia

Currently, New World Order is designed to destroy the Muslim Ummah by waging wars against them but, Muslim countries in general and Muslims in particular,can save themselves from the tyranny of West if only they take refuge in the laws of God and Sunnah.


Muslim Shair Muslim Sharia for Women Muslim Sharia Law Muslim Sharia

Law of Muslim sharia is for all for sustain equilibrium in society. Our religion Islam is intact and guarantees regulation and harmonization of human life. Dr. Khalifa Abdul Malik rightly says

Muslim Sharia Law

“The craving for peace is inherent in human nature; hence every being naturally craves for Islam or peace.”

Law of Muslim Sharia
Pattern of Islamic Sharia Law

Extremism, terrorism, militancy, sectarianism, imperialism of the west, exploitation, dreadful and huge mountains of; ignorance, poverty, helplessness, want and penury and many other heartrending problems which stand before Muslim Ummah and the whole of humanity can be defeated, if only we endeavor to organize our lives in accordance to the patterns of Islam.

Islam Mean and Law of Muslim Sharia

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