Islamic Sharia Law for the Betterment of Mankind

Islam has emerged as one of the strongest faith in this world. During the initial stages, Islam had to struggle to get to the status it deserved to be at. Prophet Muhammed (SAW) enlightened people with the teachings of Islam when no one wanted to learn it. He never gave up hope and kept on preaching. There came a point when he had more enemies than friends and his life was in danger. He still didn’t back out but stood strong as ever. He transformed the whole of Arabia and brought peace and tranquility in the region.

Islamic Sharia

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) taught Islamic principles which give rights to all the people. Islam doesn’t believe in caste, color or creed. It doesn’t let any person be superior to another. It gives equal rights to all the people. Before Islamic Sharia was established, the whole region was indulged in evil practices and nobody wanted to change. When slowly and steadily Islam started to spread, people got to know what their rights were and how wrong they were. Islamic Sharia Laws have been brought for the betterment of the whole mankind so that there isn’t any injustice.

Islamic Sharia Law

The main reason for poverty, unhappiness and chaos today is the lack of implementation of Islamic Sharia Laws. Nobody wants to give equal rights to the poor and the weak. The rich is powerful and doesn’t let the poor to be happy. If injustice prevail in a region, it becomes very difficult to maintain peace and harmony. Islam eradicates the injustice inflicted by one person to another. Islam promotes brotherhood which brings peace and prosperity.

Islamic Sharia

When Islamic Sharia Laws were not implemented, women and slaves were treated the worst. Daughters were buried alive and women were abused and tortured. The slaves were oppressed under the tyranny of the rich. Islam finished all such unjust acts and gave equal rights to all human beings. The status of women was raised and daughters were treated as a blessing. Today women in Islam have rights which make them happy and honored.

Muslim Sharia

Islamic Sharia Laws define the rules and principles which would need to be implemented in a Muslim’s life. These rules would not only bring peace but would also make everyone content. The rights of parents, relatives, women, children, neighbors, minorities, slaves and every human beings are given in detail.

Islamic Sharia

Nobody is allowed to do injustice to anyone and all heinous crimes are prohibited. The rich and powerful are equal to poor and weak. Everybody is asked to do good deeds and raise their status as righteous people. If all the Muslims abide by the Islamic Sharia Laws then there would not be any injustice, cruelty and oppression.

Islamic Law

These laws have been given for the betterment of the mankind. If a Muslim fails to implement these laws then there is severe punishment for him. It is in the best interest of people to abide by Islamic Sharia Laws so that they are able to become righteous. In today’s world, we need more righteous people to bring peace and tranquility.

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