Muslims and their Islamic Sharia Law

Islamic ShariaIslamic Sharia Law is a very definitive part of Islam. This means that all the rules and guidelines of Islam have been defined in the Quran and the Hadith. Islamic Sharia comprises of the rules and laws laid down by Allah who wants all the Muslims to follow. Islam arrived 1400 years ago with a simple message that Allah is the only Creator of this universe. Muhammad (saw) has been chosen the last prophet of Allah and he brought the message of Allah.

Islamic Sharia Law
When he arrived, there was no law and order in Arabia. Daughters were buried alive and women were considered inferior to men. Consuming alcohol was a common practice and many heinous crimes were conducted. The rich was the most powerful and the poor had nowhere to go. There was no justice for the poor and the weak. When Muhammad (saw) came, he brought the message of Allah which gave equal rights to every individual. He asked the people of Arabia to give up those practices and live according to the teachings of Islam.

Muslim Sharia
Islam does not permit burying of daughters alive nor does it allow to treat them badly. Women for the first time were given their rights and were considered important. The poor were given their rights which meant that there was no difference between the rich and the poor. Nobody was allowed to treat the poor harshly. Alcohol was forbidden as it led to other sinful acts. Islam brought the message of peace, harmony and equality for the people. It gave new hope to the weak and the oppressed who were abused by their masters.

Islamic Sharia
Islamic Sharia laws are defined in the Quran and the Hadith and it tells which things are forbidden and which are allowed. Similarly, the laws of eating and drinking are also defined. The food which is Haram is not allowed to swallow. Only Halal things are made so that they can be eaten. If Muslims don’t obey the rules laid down by Islam then they would face the wrath of Allah.
There are also eating and drinking etiquettes described which tells all the Muslims how to eat and drink. The dues are to be made before and after taking the food. The food should be eaten with the right hand. The feet should not be kept in the shoes when the Muslims sit down to eat. These are the little things which have a great meaning and understanding.
As Muslims, we are obliged to abide by these rules and guidelines. Allah has made all the human beings and He only knows what is best for them. If we obey Allah without questioning then He will give us endless blessings. Muslims first need to read and interpret the Quran and understand what is written there. Hadith should be consulted as evidence to the teachings of the Quran. Whatever is written in the Quran is demonstrated through the Hadith. Every Muslim should incorporate the teachings of Islam in order to lead a prosperous life. It would only benefit the person himself whoever follows the path of Allah.

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