Prophet Muhammad (SAW)‘s Kindness towards Others Made him the Best Person

Islamic ShariaProphet Muhammed (SAW) was a great human being who believed in the truth and urged others to follow the path of truth. Now the question arises that what is the actual truth? The biggest truth of this universe is the divinity of Allah and Muhammad (SAW) being His last Messenger. This truth has been revealed by many other prophets too but people changed the books they brought and didn’t follow completely. Muhammad (SAW) brought Quran as a gift of God to all the humans in this world. Islam has taught Muslims to be kind and gentle towards others. This is the biggest achievement after believing in Allah and His Messenger.

Islamic Sharia

One should be kind towards daughters, wives, slaves, students, neighbors, companions and other fellow Muslims and non Muslims. Muhammed (SAW) was a compassionate father and a caring husband. As a husband he respected all his wives and never mistreated them. He gave rights to each and every one of them and never uttered anything bad for them. If he didn’t like food on his table, he never criticized.

Islamic Sharia

He used to leave the food and never criticized how bad the food was. This is exactly he taught other Muslims to follow. He used to praise his wives and always was gentle with them. He never asked them to do house chores but always did it himself. He never considered himself superior as a husband to them and did all those things which men didn’t do.

Islamic Sharia

Muhammed (SAW) was not only kind towards his wives, he was also kind towards his slaves. This is the reason that Zaid ibn Haritha didn’t leave the Prophet to go back to his father and uncle as a free man.

Anas (R.A.A) said: I had served the Prophet of Allah (P.B.U.H) for ten years. He never said a word of contempt to me. Whatever I had done, he never asked me as to why I did that; and of anything I had not done, He never asked me as to why I failed to do that. (Bukhari & Muslim)

Muhammed (SAW) never made his slaves work harder or beyond their capacity. He always shared his joy and sorrow with them and treated them on equal grounds.

Islamic Sharia

Muhammad (SAW) loved his children to a great extent. He never discriminated among daughters and sons. When Fatima(RA) used to come, he stood up and greeted her. He loved all his children equally and taught them to do good deeds.

Muhammad (SAW) was not only kind to his own people but also towards hos enemies. A lady used to throw garbage on him every day when he used to pass from her house. One day, she didn’t throw the garbage as a routine and Muhammad (SAW) got worried. He went inside to ask about her and got to know she was sick. This is the treatment he gave his enemies and never took revenge from them.

Muhammad (SAW)’s life is the perfect blend of good deeds and he reflects the true spirit of Islam. All Muslims need to follow in his footsteps to become the best.

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