Prophet Muhammed (SAW) – The Best Example for Mankind in True Meaning

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) has been one of the most influential personalities of all times. He came at a time when the whole Arabia was immersed in the darkest period without any hope. Daughters were buried alive as they were thought as a disgrace to her father. Women and slaves were mistreated as they were considered inferior. There was no law and order which could hold anyone accountable. The poor and weak were subjected to punishments whereas the rich were exempted. Only the rich and powerful had the right to enjoy their lives making the poor suffer.

Islamic Sharia

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) came as a blessing for everyone especially the oppressed one. He defined principles sent by Allah in which there was no difference between the rich and the poor. He emphasized the importance of brotherhood in which he declared all Muslims as brothers. He asked Muslims to help their brothers in need and provide them with things they ask for.

Islamic Sharia

Muhammed (SAW) set the perfect example of being the most humble, honest and trustworthy person. He was given the titles of Sadiq and Amin by the people for his honesty and trustworthiness. People used to claim that never in their life have they seen Muhammed (SAW) lie or deceive. People used to keep their belongings with him as he was known to be the most trustworthy person. These traits have made him one of the most influential person the world has ever seen.

Islamic Sharia

Muhammed (SAW) fought for the cause of Islam till his last breath. He made sure that the word of Allah was spread to all parts of the world. He sacrificed to a great extent but never cared about his own self. He was always worried about his followers. He used to pray the whole night crying for his people. The passion and love he had for his people was so immense and deep that today he was billions of followers. By each passing day, more people are admiring him and following his teachings.

Islamic Sharia Law

Muhammed (SAW)’s life was the true reflection of the Quran. He demonstrated everything the Quran said so that his people can follow the same. He asked his followers to obey Allah and follow His Messenger so that they would find peace and bliss in both worlds. He urged all Muslims to follow the five pillars of Islam which tells us about Oneness of Allah, Prayer or Salah, Fasting or Saum, Charity or Zakat and Pilgrimage or Hajj. If a Muslim follows these five pillars according to the principles of Islam, he would be rewarded Jannah or Paradise.

Following the Holy Prophet is the true destination of every person. If anyone wants to find peace, harmony, love, happiness and freedom, he needs to obey Allah and His Messenger. By submitting his will to Allah, he is setting the perfect example of being the most pious person. His piety and righteousness would give him happiness not only in this world but also the hereafter. Every Muslim should follow what the last Messenger of Allah has done in his life.

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