Seerat Un Nabi (PBUH) in Modern Times

Seerat Un Nabi (PBUH) is the life of Prophet Muhammad and the events that happened in his life. As Muslims, we need to learn how he lived his life and what important events came which he faced with determination and devotion towards Islam. Prophet Muhammad has been the most inspirational person in history and Muslims look up to the strength of his character to make them better humans. It is very essential to know how he dealt with different aspects of his life in the light of Islam. Islam has been the only strength in his life which made him the person he was.

Muslim Sharia

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in the Hashim clan of the Quraish tribe. When he was born, the whole Arabia was indulged in the most heinous of crimes and there was no accountability for any unjust actions. The rich leaders were allowed to suppress the poor and there was no body who could question their action.

Islamic Sharia Laws

The daughters born to Arabs used to be buried alive as they considered it a shameful event of their life. There was no law and order or any kind of discipline. The poor and women were subjected to extreme violence which made them suffer the most.

Islamic Sharia

These practices of the Arabs always made the Prophet deeply disturbed and he used to meditate in the cave of Hira. After he got the first revelation from Allah, his life completely changed and he devoted the rest of his life to the cause of Islam. He told the Arabs that all these practices were unjust and Allah gets displeased.

Muslim Sharia Laws

In modern times, Seerat Un Nabi (PBUH) provides us with the guidelines so that we can live according to the teachings of Islam. Islam has given rights to each and every person. The poor and the women have been given respect and honor. They need to be treated with affection and not to be suppressed. In today’s world, Islam is the only religion which has given immense respect to the weak.

Islamic Education

Everybody is considered equal and there is no caste or race which could make a person superior but the good deeds would make the person a better Muslim than others. Seerat Un Nabi (PBUH) is applicable to this world till the end of time.

Sharia Laws

The practices and events of the Prophet can never go obsolete. The life of the Prophet(saw) teaches us the importance of humanity. There is a lot we should learn from the life of the Prophet, which can make the modern times even better.

For a full detailed account, Muslims should learn the events which took place in the life of the Prophet. He has lived according to the teachings of Islam. To get an idea, how he lived his life one should read and learn his Seerat Un Nabi (PBUH). Muslim Sharia Council provides knowledge and guidance for all the Muslims so that they can live according to the teachings of Islam. Seerat Un Nabi (PBUH) can be understood very deeply to make it part of our lives.

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