The Complete Code of Life with Seerat Un Nabi (PBUH)

Muslims believe in the divinity of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) to be His last messenger. The importance of being the last messenger is great.

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There would not come any other prophet after him as Islam has been completed under his guidance. Muslims believe that Muhammad (PBUH) has completed the message from Allah and this message would exist forever. Allah has taken the responsibility of the Quran which is the Holy Book of Muslims in order to provide its safety and security.

Islamic Law

This book has been written and compiled under Muhammad (PBUH) through Allah’s guidance. Not even a single word of the Quran has been modified against the will of Allah. This makes it such and important book which contains the complete message from Allah.

Islamic Sharia Law

Seerat Un Nabi (PBUH) is known as the acts of the Prophet. It contains the history, events, wars, prayers and sayings of the last messenger of Allah. It has been narrated by Hazrat Aisha (RA) that the character of the Messenger of Allah is the Quran.

Islamic Sharia

He was the walking Quran which means that his every action was according to the teachings of the Quran. If one has to follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), he needs to first read and understand Quran.

Islamic Sunnah

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) dedicated his whole life to the cause of Islam. When he was a child, the two most powerful traits he had were that of being trustworthy and honest. It was acknowledged by everyone even his enemies that he could never lie or be deceitful.

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He devoted his entire life to enlighten the people of Makkah about the meaning of this life. He told everyone that a person’s existence in this world is only to serve Allah. If a person submits his will to Allah, he would be successful in every way.

Muslim Sharia Law

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) became a role model for not only Muslims but others as well. He taught how to deal with people and what needs to be done under certain conditions. He demonstrated the teachings of the Quran for everyone to understand his actions in a better way.

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He has always emphasized the importance of every individual from one’s parents to the neighbor and even strangers. Every action done by the Messenger of Allah comes under the Seerat Un Nabi (PBUH). A Muslim should follow the footsteps of their beloved prophet and make their lives better only then they would be successful. The Seerat of the Holy Prophet is a complete code of life for every Muslim.

Prophet Sunnah

Muslim Sharia Council is popular for sharing online Islamic content. The information given and the knowledge spread is wide and deep. Everything is shared according to the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. If any Muslim has any query, he would find adequate knowledge about Islam which would solve his query.

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The knowledge given is from two authentic sources known as the Quran and Hadith. We should try and expand our knowledge about Islam and implement the teachings given by the Holy Book and Seerat of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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