The Prophet (PBUH) said: “One, who commits suicide, will be punished with something like that with which he killed himself”

Life is the most precious gift given by Allah. Allah has given this life to do good deeds and make yourself successful. Allah has also given hardships with this life. He has to test His men in order to give bigger rewards. These tests also make a person polished and refined so that he becomes a better person. We often do not acknowledge the importance of this life and get overshadowed by the negative aspect of life. This kind of negativity makes a person weak and often makes him lose his life.

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A weak person would try and get away from the hardships imposed by Allah. He would not even try to face the harsh realities of life but would try and find an easy way out. For those who find an easy way out is not easy at all. People who think that it would get easier for them to escape the hardships by killing themselves, then it is just a misunderstanding. Instead of things getting easier, it would become more difficult. People may find it easier to end their lives and escape the hardships but they would be facing more difficulties later on.Muslim Sharia

Anyone who is going through a rough patch needs to realize that Allah will make it easier for him. Allah does not burden any soul beyond its capacity. It is only a test which makes Allah judge how the person would come out as. This life is given to worship Allah and submit our will to Him. If we have any hardship then we need to look up to Allah and ask for patience and perseverance. People who do not look at Allah in their testing times, Allah does not make it easy for them.

Muslim Sharia

Committing suicide is the most sinful act a person can do. It leads to Allah’s wrath which would make him suffer later.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “One, who commits suicide, will be punished with something like that with which he killed himself.”Muslim Sharia


This particular saying means that the person who commits suicide would be punished with the same way with which he killed himself. If he killed himself with a gun then a gun would used to punish him. Every Muslim should refrain from doing this sinful act as it would lead to nowhere. Muslims should trust Allah and ask for His help in the hour of need.

Muslim Sharia

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