The Significance of Islamic Sharia Education

Islamic Sharia deals with the rules and regulations set by Islam for the Muslims to follow. These rules are given by Allah in His book the Quran which was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). He was the last messenger of Allah who brought the message of peace, love, harmony, and justice to his world. He urged all the humans to believe in the divinity of Allah and that there is no God but Allah. The non-believers are not in favor of considering Allah as the supreme power. The Muslims, however, believe in the concept of One God who has all the powers.

Islamic Sharia

Islamic Sharia Education is based first on the five pillars of Islam. These five pillars are the strength of this religion which only means to submit your will to Allah. The first pillar of Islam is known as Tauheed or Oneness of Allah. This is the most important concept as it forms the base on which the building of Islam rests. Tauheed makes the Muslims believe firmly in the Oneness and Uniqueness of Allah. He has all the powers and He is the only one to be worshipped.

Islamic Sharia

After believing in one God, there has to be an act which proves that only Allah is to be worshipped and that is only through Salah or Prayer. Muslims need to pray five times a day in order to testify their belief in one god. Salah makes a Muslim pure from inside and cleanses all his sins from within. It is the only act which distinguishes a believer from a non-believer.

Islamic Sharia

Saum or Fasting is observed during the month of Ramadan. Muslims from all over the world unite and keep the fasts. This blessed month gives the reward to the Muslims in abundance. It brings patience, peace, and calmness in a person. He understands the true concept of love for Allah. To tolerate hunger and thirst for the love of Allah is the best way to prove how much you love Allah.

Islamic Sharia

Then comes Zakat which is the Islamic charity given to the poor from the rich. It is obligatory for all the Muslims to give a certain portion of their wealth in the way of Allah. This amount would be beneficial for the poor to get food, shelter, and clothes for a living.

Islamic Sharia Law

The last pillar of Islam is Hajj or Pilgrimage. Muslims from all over the world gather at the sacred place of Makkah which is the Kaaba. They all perform the sacred task of Hajj which makes a Muslim pure as a newborn child who has committed no sin.

These five pillars are the rules defined by Almighty to which every Muslim has to obey. These five pillars are the foundation on which the building of Islam rests. A Muslim would not be a true believer if he doesn’t fulfill any one of these tasks set by Allah. In order to become a better Muslim, one should be fully aware of the concept of Islamic Sharia Education. This would help in making the Muslim pure from inside.

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